Goose Lake Organics

Organic hay and produce/vegetables, Lakeview,  Oregon




Phone: 541-947-3455

Owners: Rob and Waikwong


Located near Lakeview in Lake County Oregon,  Goose Lake Organics strives to grow our vegetables and hay in an organic, eco-friendly and sustaining manner. 

We are in the process of being certified organic.  We do not use pesticides or herbicides or chemicals of any kind on our vegetables.   While most of this years vegetable seeds are certified organic, there are few that that are not.  We are looking forward to the future where all products from Goose Lake organics will be 100% certified organic, from the seed we plant to the compost we create. 

For now, you can be sure you are buying naturally grown vegetables that are nutritious and healthy for your family. 

In the coming months,  we will be providing organic meat: beef, chicken, lamb.


Lake County’s Goose Lake Organics